Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Ranch Additions!

Brody is our newest Dog. A pretty cute Red Boston.
This is Juno, our "Mothers Day" Gift! (Pooped out literally in the pasture?) It snowed that day, and we opened the curtains and "poof" there was a clean soft baby! We also had just got done watching the movie: 'Juno' So hence the name.
Also within hours of her birth, she discovered the tree stumps in the pasture. She can do side-kicks, back flips, and what we call: 'Goat-Fu'. A combo of a side-kick and a 360 spin? Very funny to watch! Plus, our little Adi loves her too!
Yea, okay I couldn't get my double to stand in for this one, apparently she's a vegietarian, whatever? Anyhow, that's a fuzzy chick in my hand. Can't really tell but, we have a whole bunch starting for the coop! This is a Silver Laced Wyandotte, aka: Pretty Black & White chicken, lays eggs....someday.
Yes, their Craigs'. (Ha Ha!) No, they're Turkeys, from America! These suckers will be so yummy for Thanksgiving! We're excited about these ones because it's a 'bare-fruit-from-our-labor' kind-of thing. I mean really? Who's crazy enough to do these kind-of things these days? (Yes, yes, I


Caleb and Ash said...

OH I love it! I love your little ranch. So does Adi of course. We will need to come see the chicks now, and some more "goat-fu". I still don't know if I can eat those turkey's after holding them though. I'm sure once they get older and uglier I could imagine better!

tsmortensen said...

I love Juno! She (is it a she?) is so cute! I hope she is still doing goat-fu when we come to visit. I would love to see that as would Kira and Reese! Your ranch is looking awesome. We just go ourselves a chicken coop! I will have to talk to you about what chickens we should get. We are comming over in June I think 5th, so we will see you then!

KWit said...

WE just might be visiting your house for thanksgiving!! Yumm to the home grown trukeys! So you aren't the only ones who like it! ha. Juno is so darn cute. Mitchel was looking at the pictures and he kept making the goat noise and saying "Peese" Not sure if he remembers the goats at your house that one day or not. Acting like he wants to go back. your house is for sure a WINNER for the kiddies! I am so excited you have this blog up too! Oh and the brown darn cute!!!!! Never seen the brown. I LOVE IT!

Caleb and Ash said...

I'm anxious for another update, we want to see the cows!!! Ok, I guess we can just drive over for that...:)