Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Ranch Additions!

Brody is our newest Dog. A pretty cute Red Boston.
This is Juno, our "Mothers Day" Gift! (Pooped out literally in the pasture?) It snowed that day, and we opened the curtains and "poof" there was a clean soft baby! We also had just got done watching the movie: 'Juno' So hence the name.
Also within hours of her birth, she discovered the tree stumps in the pasture. She can do side-kicks, back flips, and what we call: 'Goat-Fu'. A combo of a side-kick and a 360 spin? Very funny to watch! Plus, our little Adi loves her too!
Yea, okay I couldn't get my double to stand in for this one, apparently she's a vegietarian, whatever? Anyhow, that's a fuzzy chick in my hand. Can't really tell but, we have a whole bunch starting for the coop! This is a Silver Laced Wyandotte, aka: Pretty Black & White chicken, lays eggs....someday.
Yes, their Craigs'. (Ha Ha!) No, they're Turkeys, from America! These suckers will be so yummy for Thanksgiving! We're excited about these ones because it's a 'bare-fruit-from-our-labor' kind-of thing. I mean really? Who's crazy enough to do these kind-of things these days? (Yes, yes, I

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hey Family & Friends!
Craig & I are starting our own Blog! (Yea?)
Now you can take a peek into our
little 'ranch' lives more often!
We have alot going on so stay tuned for pictures!